Monday, April 19, 2010

Visit to Hatyai

The main mode of transportation among the majority of Thais, besides the pick-up truck. Who needs a car when you can carry your wife, the kids, and the groceries for the whole week on a single bike?

Even blondes love it...

I dont know what do you call this in English, but we usually call it a "toot-toot". You gotta take a ride in this when you're in Thailand. This baby can blaze through the traffic and get you to your destination in no time. The fare's a bit expensive if you're a foreigner though... and you really need to hold on tight cos there ain't no seatbelts.. The closest you'll ever get to a safety feature would be the passenger sitting next to you, who would somewhat cushion the impact in the event of a collision..

It's not brand new, and it doesnt have air-conditioning, but it'll get you there...

For some reason, it seems that the buttocks of an elephant are treated as a separate entity from the animal itself. In this particular case, the elephant's ass even got its own name, Surin.


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